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Call for proposals for Human Rights projects 2020

31.10.2019 - Artikel

You have the possibility to apply for funding from the German Federal Foreign Office in Berlin for Human Rights projects in 2020.

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Dear Human Rights and NGO Partners in Greece,

The German Embassy in Athens has the possibility to apply for funding from the German Federal Foreign Office in Berlin for Human Rights projects in 2020.

This would need a complete application to be send by the Embassy to Berlin the very latest by November 8th, 2019.

Human Rights projects could especially focus on specific seminaries, learnings, exchanges. Target groups with regard to Greece could be e.g. people with disabilities, refugees and migrants, childrens´rights, Human trafficking, racism and discrimination of minorities, women empowerment, LGBTIQ*, economic, social and cultural rights, civil society and activities for the defence of Human Rights.

Please note: General Funding to an organization and its staff or in-kind-donations or Humanitarian Aid are not possible.

Projects could be small to medium-sized (e.g. up to 5.000 or up to 20.000 Euro). Theoretically they could reach up to 100.000 Euro. Please note that as projects are proposed from German Embassies in countries all over the World, especially those where the Human Right situation is very challenging and demand by far exceeds funding, a high amount for Greece as EU Member State is not realistic. Projects should run between the 1.3.2020 (earliest start) and 15.11.2020 (latest end).

We were able to fund three projects in 2019: One with MDM Greece (protection of sexual health and against sexual violence for refugees in camps in mainland Greece), one with Equal Society (Open Gate and www.zhteitai.gr - employment support to vulnerable groups in Greece) and one with Center for Life (protection of sexual health and against sexual violence for UAM in Greece).

We would like to encourage you: If you have a Human Rights related project in 2020 in mind that could be interesting and otherwise falls into a funding gap and is worth to be handed in to compete, please do not hesitate to contact us. Projects that could not be considered in previous years are free to reapply.

If you think that this could be interesting to you it would be necessary to fill out the attached form until Friday November 8th, 2019. Reactions later than that cannot be considered.

Please send your applications to:

Ms. Morlin Schmerfeld
- Legal Department -
Karaoli & Dimitriou 3
10675 Kolonaki, Athen
Tel: +30 210 72 85 307
E-Mail: rk-referendar@athe.diplo.de
Cc: rk-1@athe.diplo.de and soz-1@athe.diplo.de

If you have any procedural questions before November 8th please contact:

Mr. Andreas Kehrbach
Counsellor, Head of the Labour, Health and Social Department
Tel.: +30 210 72 85 287
Mobile: +30 698 1470204
E-Mail: soz-1@athe.diplo.de

Application for an allocation from Federal Foreign Office funds to promote human rights

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